What Clients Say

How CK HR Consulting helps real organizations meet their goals.


"We recently hired Christy Kahana at CK HR Consulting to create and deliver a Manager Fundamentals Training for our mid-sized company. She was extremely resourceful and absolutely amazing to work with. She spent the time assessing the demands of our company and getting to know the managers, then customized the training to meet our needs. Her facilitation style was well-received and she made the training interactive by implementing group exercises into the training. She far exceeded my expectations. We plan to use CK HR Consulting for many more trainings in the future."

— Carla Ouellette, Director of Employee Development, S.G. Torrice Company

"I hired Christy to help build several key projects for our organization. We have been working with her for about a year now and she is a pleasure to work with. She makes herself available for the client all the time and has a high degree of energy and excitement about the work she does. She has delivered on time and with a high quality on all the initiatives.  She has integrated herself into our culture and helped us move the needle on key initiatives we simply did not have the resources or time for. I would recommend CK HR Consulting to any of my colleagues in the Life Sciences space.”

— Tamara Dillon, Head of Human Resources

"Christy is a talented facilitator and partner.  Her ability to quickly assimilate information, bring her expertise and wisdom to bear and make the content come to life for participants makes her an asset to any training team."

— HR Director

"I really enjoyed the program!  I've been to a number of programs similar to this throughout my career when I was with other companies/institutions.  The Insights program you facilitated was by far the best I've ever attended."

— Insights DiscoveryⓇ Participant

“My team and I found the training to be extremely valuable.  It did indeed provide great insight into how we think and act and provided great understanding into how others think, act and react during the communication process. Christy is a fantastic trainer and I would strongly recommend her to lead any other group who takes the Insights Training or other training that she is qualified to lead.”

— Insights DiscoveryⓇ Participant at Major Life Sciences Company

“I walked away with an actual, physical list to provide my managers and coworkers on how best to communicate with me, which is invaluable. I really loved how Christy articulated things for us - nothing was framed negatively. She was able to give insight that was constructive and uplifting. Insights Discovery is a powerful resource and Christy is a top-notch facilitator – every company should do this training!”

— Insights DiscoveryⓇ Participant at Major Life Sciences Company