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Christy Kahana - Founder

Leadership Trainer | Talent Developer | Team Builder


With over 15 years of experience partnering with businesses - from organizational development to training and facilitating a variety of HR topics - Christy Kahana’s commitment and passion are infectious.  
Christy believes training solutions that are designed for ease of use and delivered in an engaging way create true culture change from within an organization.

Her mission is to go beyond traditional HR by making employee development more transformative, engaging and FUN for her clients. From larger Biotech companies, into the smaller sector of Boston business and even tech startups, Christy aims to help more people across the board and across a variety of organizations.

She creates and implements programs, coaches leaders on challenging team dynamics, drives strategies to execution and thrives on unleashing employee talent.

Seeing clients have light-bulb moments of connecting her advice, guidance and training to what they do and HOW they do it is the impact Christy seeks to deliver. Helping people get there is the single most satisfying component of her work in HR.

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